Our Pack


Here at Husky Entertainment, we have carefully formed a team of trusted gamers and artists that we believe will help bring the vision of a new gaming community to life.

Our goal is to provide you with the best walkthroughs, tutorials, and guides in every kind of game. We believe that every gamer should have the know how they need to score at the top, as well as how to fully engage and embrace a game they love. 

You Talk, We Listen

We want to build a community where everyone feels welcome no matter the skill level they posses. If we had a dream, everyone would walk away feeling more confident in their gaming abilities.

Here at Husky Entertainment our goal is to entertain you. We have many different avenues to go about this, from Gaming channels, Art channels, Comedy channels, and more!

Our Beginning

Who is Kingwolfhelm?

Learn more about the man behind the gamer tag and the man of heart for community with the dream that is Husky Entertainment.

Who is AZNuprising7?

Learn more about the man behind the gamer tag and the man with the eye for creative media and a hopeful preservation of a beautiful world.