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As Gamers we cycle through games left and right, but there are always those select few that you always play at least once a day. Below are a list of our current regulars. These are the games that we are most frequently enjoying. This page will constantly grow as games are introduced. 

Please pardon any missing areas of information as this page and the ones attached are still under construction!

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Destiny & Destiny 2

Blockbuster sequel created by Bungie. A devastated earth on the brink of destruction. Heroes, known as Guardians, stand up to regain their light and fight the darkness! This FPS MMO RPG provides fantastic gun play, and a community of passionate and helpful gamers.


Legendary game producer, Blizzard, creates a fast pace PvP Battle Royale. Choose an Overwatch hero and let the mayhem unfold.


A new game created by Epic Games. Paragon is a team vs team MOBA. Where players before hand build decks, then purchase their cards from their hand to give them an advantage in battle as they progress through the game.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is a first person shooter that takes place in World War 1. Players can team up with friends or play solo. It is a large scale shooter with large maps, multiple different class types, and multiple different games modes to fill your first person shooter needs. 


Epic Games response to the ever growing popularity of Hunger Game-esk titles. Dropping from the sky, looting everything in sight, fight your way to the center. Claim glory by being the last survivor!

Mobile Games

Calling all Naruto Fans! This action strategy mobile game unites Shippuden and Boruto into one village. Design a fortress, attack a fortress, build your village and shinobi army!

One of mobile gamings newest and best 5v5 MOBA, brought to you by Tencent Games! Choose heroes from multiple realms and claim victory with your team

Hack, slash, and blast through multiple class promotions to become a legendary warrior! Test your skills in PvE trials or prove your might in PvP battles. It's your legacy to write.

Join millions in this strategy, turn based JRPG as it celebrates its 4th year of activity! Summon hundreds of legendary heroes to fight alongside your friends! 

Love Titanfall? Well, you'll love this! Titanfall hops in to pilot your phone with it's own mobile RTS. Prepare for smooth, fast paced, high intensity gameplay. Did we mention it's made for PvP?

From the acclaimed Fate/ series, Fate/ Grand Order brings the Holy Grail War to the palm of your hand. Experience the chaos as all things clash in this turned based RPG.

Highlight of the Week

Battlefield 1 Community Montage